Trick or treat?

Neither is what they seem.

The scary things don’t hide in closets
but in our hearts and souls
as we confront
our lost dreams
our twisted hopes,
our love turned so bitter inside.

Left alone in the darkness of our imaginations.
We are the bogeyman and the bogeyman is us.


Tricked for treats?
Treated to dirty tricks?

The scary stuff?
Your best friend
letting you down over again.
Your lover hurting you because they can.


Treats and trickery on All Hallows’ Eve.

The real horrors of human nature
to contemplate.

There are zombies, vampires, and monsters
everywhere you look tonight.

They are always there.

You work for them.
You try to love them.
You struggle to understand them.
You call them family.
You regard them as good friends
and trusted allies
who are selling you out all the while
with handshakes and smiles.

Trick or treat?

Neither is what they seem.

George Pappas
Copyright 2016


About gmpwrite

My real passion is writing and exploring life as a novelist, poet, and lyricist. My novels MONOGAMY SUCKS, sequel RELATIONSHIPS SUCK, DEAR HEF, YOUNG, HORNY & MORMON, LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE, SWINGING WITH THE SUPERNATURAL, and poetry collections BACKYARD POETRY, THE HOLLYWOOD HOMELESS, and MIMI'S DILEMMA are available on Amazon and Smashwords. Working on launching a science fiction novella by summer 2018 and another poetry collection based on my lyrics in the fall. View all posts by gmpwrite

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