Election Time




Am I just a figment of your populist imagination?

Another blurred face in the crowd?

Another voice drowned out by the political process?

You aim your TV commercials at my heart
and attempt to inspire my imagination
with flaccid speeches.

Hoping to hook us again
into believing you’ll finally make a difference in our lives.

Until after election time,
when we realize we are left like
jilted lovers
with broken hearts
wondering how you rendered us so powerless.

Our pleas
and rage
die in a vacuum
of political expediency.

Washington listens to its own heartbeats
as we wonder what could have been
and live and die in the shadows of our failed dreams.

George Pappas
Copyright 2016


About gmpwrite

My real passion is writing and exploring life as a novelist, poet, and lyricist. My novels MONOGAMY SUCKS, sequel RELATIONSHIPS SUCK, DEAR HEF, YOUNG, HORNY & MORMON, LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE, SWINGING WITH THE SUPERNATURAL, and poetry collections BACKYARD POETRY, THE HOLLYWOOD HOMELESS, and MIMI'S DILEMMA are available on Amazon and Smashwords. Working on launching a science fiction novella by summer 2018 and another poetry collection based on my lyrics in the fall. View all posts by gmpwrite

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