We’re all trigger-happy to
our rotten souls.

We’re all trigger-happy
more than we ever cared to know

Shooting holes through each other’s dreams
more trigger-happy than we seem.

We killed JFK in Dallas and
Martin Luther King in Memphis
and made excuses for what we had become.

We left John Lennon for dead in the
New York streets
and sang songs that sounded out of tune
on our bitter tongues.

We’re trigger-happy and
trying our best to deny it.

Blaming movies, TV, and music for the darkness
that resides in our souls and hearts.

We shot down compassion
one too many times.

The root cause of another massacre covered over by convenient lies.

George Pappas
Copyright 2016


About gmpwrite

My real passion is writing and exploring life as a novelist, poet, and lyricist. My novels MONOGAMY SUCKS, sequel RELATIONSHIPS SUCK, DEAR HEF, YOUNG, HORNY & MORMON, LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE, SWINGING WITH THE SUPERNATURAL, and poetry collections BACKYARD POETRY, THE HOLLYWOOD HOMELESS, and MIMI'S DILEMMA are available on Amazon and Smashwords. Working on launching a science fiction novella by summer 2018 and another poetry collection based on my lyrics in the fall. View all posts by gmpwrite

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