My Father’s Photos



My father
was an
for the

Every day of his working life
he dealt with

I believe deep in his
he wanted
to be a photographer.

His love took seed
during his stint in the U.S. Navy.
He served as a photographer on an aircraft carrier
plane landings,
life at sea
and the exotic places they visited:
Taiwan and

Later he showed
the same care in documenting
our family life with thousand upon thousands
of photos.

Every step we took from the cradle,
every birthday,
every occasion,
my father was there with his camera,
capturing it for posterity.

The documents of our past,
the photos
now sit in boxes in
the closet of my father’s den room
like forgotten artifacts
collecting dust.

The other day
I pulled out one of the boxes
and looked at the photos.
Faces of my youth
stared back at me
shot with such care and love.

I wondered why my dad shelved
our photos.
I asked him but he wouldn’t say.

He’s retired now
but still, the photos sit untouched in the boxes.
I even bought him a photo album
but he just put it in one of the boxes.

I believe the photos
remind him he put aside his true love
to crunch numbers.
They represent a picture of sadness and regrets.

His dream is languishing,
piled in cardboard boxes,
frozen in pictures of our family’s past.

George Pappas

Copyright 2016


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My real passion is writing and exploring life as a novelist, poet, and lyricist. My novels MONOGAMY SUCKS, sequel RELATIONSHIPS SUCK, DEAR HEF, YOUNG, HORNY & MORMON, LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE, SWINGING WITH THE SUPERNATURAL, and poetry collections BACKYARD POETRY, THE HOLLYWOOD HOMELESS, and MIMI'S DILEMMA are available on Amazon and Smashwords. Working on launching a science fiction novella by summer 2018 and another poetry collection based on my lyrics in the fall. View all posts by gmpwrite

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