The Darkness Inside of Me

I’ve been doing a lot soul-searching recently about my life and the path I am on.

This poem came out of a tough self-examination of my feelings and motivations. I think the start of a new year is the best time to reassess our lives and the need for change in one’s direction.

But you can’t truly change and move forward unless you face the darkness that lurks inside of you…

I think at some point I am going to collaborate with some singers and musicians and turn this into a song. It is a theme I want to explore further.

In the meantime, one of my musical inspirations for my poem is the great Nick Lowe’s song “The Beast in Me.” I have attached a You Tube video of his song at the end of this post.



There’s a darkness inside of me.
It unravels the sweetest of dreams,
rejects the kindest of loves,
and turns its back on Heaven above.

There’s a darkness inside of me
I don’t want you to see.
I can’t camouflage it for long.
When I try to do right,
it all comes out so wrong.

There’s a darkness inside of me.
Beyond my sweet smile, it’s lurking there.
My feelings of love it doesn’t share.
Selfish and reckless,
it breaks hearts without a care.

There’s a darkness inside of me
that is afraid of tenderness, fearful of passion’s
intoxicating kiss, never dreams of bliss.
It guards my need for freedom
like an attack dog unleashed.
No one gets too close or too far inside
where my darkness resides.

There’s a darkness inside
that won’t compromise
no matter how sweet your eyes
or soft your whispers at night
and it revels when love dies.

Each day I struggle so hard
to hide my darkness inside
as it is well fortified
with bravado, conceit, fear, doubts and lies.

George Pappas
Copyright 2011

About gmpwrite

My real passion is writing and exploring life as a novelist, poet and lyricist. My novels include INDULGENCE and LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE. Working on new version of MONOGAMY SUCKS and its sequel for 2016. View all posts by gmpwrite

20 responses to “The Darkness Inside of Me

  • jessicakristie

    Lovely. I would have to say George, of the things you have written and I have read, this is the best. It was very soulful and real. Very well done.

  • gmpwrite

    Thanks Jessica for the kind words about my poem:) It is a lot more personal and dark than my usual poems. Means a lot coming from a true poetic talent like yourself.


  • moondustwriter

    I think it does deserve to be written as a song. It’s reflective of all of us George. Can feel the tug of war

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot


  • randallweiss

    I’m generally sceptical of repetition, but it works here. It drew me deeper in throughout the poem.

  • Desert Rose

    there is a darkness inside all of us George, we need to know that and try to let it out and make room for more light. your poem is so heartfelt my friend, well written and expressive:)

    This one really touched me!

  • Luke Prater

    strong stuff. Tackling some demons with a pen… bravely

    Luke @ WordSalad

  • Karla Stewart Okala

    I identify so much with the ideas expressed in this poem. You really express very well how this darkness prevents us from living our lives to the fullest. My darkness comes from my woundedness and the consequent bondage–believing lies. It is an daily, ongoing process to live in freedom from that. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Judy Black

    Very touching in it’s tragicness and also because I think everyone can relate to that darkness within that holds us back and that struggle with it. I can see this becoming an amazing song. Thanks for the share!

  • marousia

    This reads like a song lyric – lovely cadences and I was startled (in a good way) by these lines “It guards my need for freedom
    like an attack dog unleashed.”

  • booguloo

    Wrestling with the devil is never easy.

  • dani

    After the past year of “being open to love” and the subsequent {and familiar} pain, I find comfort in the darkness within. A brilliantly written poem, George. If you wish to break out of the darkness, I wish you well. dani @poetpassionbakr

  • poesravenlady

    There’s so much to be said for facing one’s demons and dragging them out into the light. You’ve done this so beautifully. Very well executed Georgie! Very well done!

  • poesravenlady

    There’s so much to be said for facing one’s demons and dragging them out into the light. You’ve done this so beautifully. Very well executed Georgie! Very well done!!!:)

  • Claudia

    think we all have bits and pieces of this darkness inside and sometimes we manage to hide better or not so good…honest write and looking forward to see this turned into a song..

  • Steve Isaak

    Good, well-stated work. Written with a sure mind and steady hand – structurally speaking, despite its tone.

  • edjofrank

    When we are ready to look at those places in our soul called black, a bright light of understanding and love will cherish us. Because when and where we can see, blackness no longer can exist.
    This is meaningful and soulful introspective poetry.

  • TWM

    I came over from 1 stop. I think this piece of brutal honesty of self with self is the starting point much of culture and society the world over has lost sight of.

    I am ever saying both when I write and when I read that if not the artists, the writers and painters, do not speak up for the truth of how we have lost our way now, then what we do is vapid, empty.

    Keep on, stay the course.

    Be Well

  • RepressedSoul

    Sincerely feel George that there is a darkness in all of us….well written and stern words. Really enjoyed my visit here x


  • Sammy Sutton


    What a fantastic piece of work. It portrays such raw emotion…the human journey to hell and the ideal that we cannot go on to a higher level until we’ve visited this horrible place.
    However, what do we do when we visit hell, and can see the nasty demons? Where do go? How do we slay the demons? Only those with the ability and courage to do so can ever make it that far…

    You, my friend are brave and will figure it out. The wonderful thing about being near writers is they tend to be those that journey. You are not alone!

    Awesome work…a beautiful, vivid depiction of Hell!

    I think it would make a fabulous song!

    Regards & Admiration,

    Sammy Sutton

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